Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Frolic 2013

As I said in my last post, This weekend was Fall Frolic here in the Northern Outpost. Fall Frolic is our fall camping event, lasting from Friday afternoon till Sunday. It is where we hold our Shire Championships for armoured combat, rapier, arts & sciences, and archery.
Jeremiah owns the site, and it is a beautiful old farmstead, split between fields and woodland. We camp at the top of one of the open fields butted up against woods, and backed by an old orchard. We have cleared a section of woods for fighting, and built a fort facade there. It is a great site, and Jeremiah has been gracious enough to let us build things and hold archery there. The outhouse we built is referred to as the "Hall of Champions" we started keeping a recording of past Shire Champions on the wall. It's a running joke playing on the Shire name... Northern Outpost, Northern Outhouse... it amuses us. :)
Rose (the girl in pink) beating the pants off everybody in
a game of stake. She won by 12 points... in a 10 point game.
photo by Jenn Hostetter
I had a great time at the event. Our common tent was full of people on Friday night, relaxing and chatting, a really relaxed and fun atmosphere. Full of good food, with some good beers and meads, bright fall moon shining down... could not have asked for better.
On Saturday morning things really kicked off... more people arrived, which is one of my favorite things about SCA events. Friends from far away, people at their first events... all what make the game great. We snacked, chatted, and invented a new game called "stake" (mainly Ravenhair invented it) a game inspired by lawn darts bit played with steel tent stakes.

We also got ready for the tournament. It started raining pretty much the same time as we started... but it was still a blast. We fought a few melees, then the tournament. I did decently, not two and out... lost to Ian and Ravenhair. Emery, Arnbjorn and Snorri all fought well, but Ian went on to win the overall tournament. Not bad for a guy who had been out for several months. Fought some pickups as well, with Ravenhair, Snorri, and Conrad. Ravenhair had basically one shotted me in the tournament, so it was nice to fight him a bit so I didn't feel completely incompetent. I wish I had gotten to work with him more... some of the stuff he has been learning at Knight's Hall practices is very cool, and I want to see more of it.

 The fighting was overall very laid back, and everybody seemed to have a good time.That evening, Wolfhaven hosted pretty much the entire population of the event in camp. it was great that everybody felt welcome, we fed people and I think it was about 01:00 by the time everybody wrapped up (at which point I am kind of embarrassed to say I shushed them because it was late and they woke me up. I'm getting old...).
Ollie. photo by
Jenn Hostetter
Alfrun and Wilhelm showed up partway through the day with their baby Ollie. He is an absolutely adorable child, and I was lucky enough to get to play with him for a while. Alfrun also organized a Freyfaxi ceremony later in the evening. This is a Norse Heathen ceremony usually held in August, when the first harvest of wheat is. We celebrated it later, but it is generally a festival honoring Frey and Sunna, and giving thanks for a fruitful year. I was honestly surprised at the number of people who participated. Most of them were not of the Norse Heathen persuasion, but were still welcome, and it was a beautiful ceremony (held in the rain, of course). One of the things Alfrun gave thanks for was also a big reveal to the group... she and Wilhelm are pregnant again! I also used the ceremony to make a vow, that I would try and be the man my House and friends think I am. My Household made me very proud this weekend (as I posted in my last blog) and I am very thankful for them.

All in all, this event was a great success, in my view. Even with the rain, there was a decent turnout, with some people travelling a pretty good distance to attend. I hope to see more people next year... because there will be a next year.
Christophe and Ian in the Finals
photo by Jenn Hostetter


  1. Man now I am even more bummed about not being able to make it up :-( sounds like it was. Blast! I miss my Outhouse...err Outpost peeps and the wonderful laid back Northern events....