Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Frolic: House Wolfhaven

This weekend was Fall Frolic here in the Northern Outpost. This is our annual Fall camping event, held at one of our local member's place. He has about 70 acres of meadows and woodland, and it is a great event site.
The majority of our House was going to be in attendance this year, with only Ger missing I wish Ger could have been there, but understand that mundane life requires its sacrifices. I look forward to the day when you can get back out and play with us regularly.
 I decided to haul out our entire Pennsic "steading"... the sheet walls with the badge and wolf's head on them, the gate posts with carved lintel piece, common tent, and banners.

The Wolfhaven "steading". Photo by Ariana
We were also going to have a few other people camping with us, and we discussed what we were planning to do for meals. Saturday lunch was going to be a potluck dayboard, and we contributed to that, as did the rest of the Shire, but we would at least have to do dinners for ourselves Friday and Saturday night. We decided to do pork on the smoker on Friday, and a barley soup and smoked chickens on Saturday night. We discussed what to bring, and each person brought their share (or more). My steward Arnbjorn, and Erland, the newest member of the House, handled pretty much all the cooking both nights... I was barely able to help at all. However, they did not cook enough just for us... we ended up feeding a good portion of the event both nights. Saturday night, there were so many people we had to add on a couple of pop up tents just to hold all the people. In addition to cooking, both helped others set up and take down, and fought in the Shire champion's tournament, and acquitted themselves well. They were checking the chickens in the smoker between rounds of the tournament.
Snorri came up with Tirzah, and it was great to see him. He was not there for most of the rest of the day, as they could only daytrip, but he fought well, and spent time after doing pickups and learning.
Alfrun came up with Wilhelm and their baby Ollie. Alfun organized and ran a Freyfaxi ceremony on Saturday evening... a Norse heathen ceremony of thanksgiving. She did a wonderful job, and it made me very glad to see how many of our friends attended and participated.
All in all... my people made me VERY proud this weekend. I have a very hardworking and friendly crew, and they share my emphasis on hospitality. I love you all, and I am immensely proud of you all right now. I hope  to someday be half the man you all seem to think I am. You make me better.

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