Friday, March 13, 2015

Uncle Olaf on wealth

Ber er hver að baki nema sér bróður eigi.- The Story of Burnt Njáll

Bare is the back of a brotherless man. This phrase came to mind during the pregnancy of my wife and I. When told that we were not planning an baby shower, some people responded "What, are they independently wealthy?" My first response was anger, but the reality is, the answer is yes. Not in money... neither my wife or I make much. The arrival of our son has been made easier in large part do to the fact that we are wealthy in one of the few things that matter... friendship. All of our baby clothing, crib, car seat, etc... all from friends. Help with child care. Help during the labor, and after when we came home. Friends.

I have AMAZING friends. I am blessed with a great SCA Household, and with a myriad of other friends that absolutely humble me.

I have friends that I trust, very literally, with my life. I have had, on occasion, the need to ask a variety of things from my friends... and they have ever amazed me with their support.

My friends make my SCA life what it is.... giving me a group of people who are dynamic and outgoing, not only helping me, but making the game a positive experience for other by pitching in and making events happen and things run smoothly. They fight by my side, and help me improve. They constantly help to make me strive to be a better person.

My friends have been there in difficult times in mundane life. I have had friends help me move, help me clean and organize my shop and house, and help me repair my vehicles. I have had to call on friends to help when sick or injured. I have been in the rare position of calling on a friend to arm himself and stand by to defend others from possible violence. They have not let me down. Humbled.

So am I wealthy? You are damn right... in one of the only things that matters. Friends. I hope I prove myself, in time, worthy of their friendship.