Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Uncle Olaf on a plateau

Like the title says... Uncle Olaf feels like he's on a plateau. I have hit a point where I feel like my forward progress has stopped, and I may have even backslid slightly.
Part of it comes from mundane life... I have had a fairly stressful patch in my job, and that bleeds over into everyday life and hobbies. Dalla and I are both feeling it... we've let our diet and exercise slip, and feel it physically, which effects us emotionally... it's a vicious cycle.
This happens... I have hit the wall before... but I need to figure out what to do to break the cycle.
Starting this week, I will be travelling to Coldwood practice on Sunday. This is not a weekly thing ( I couldn't afford to do it every week anyway) but it will give me a change... more variety in who I fight will help, and add new challenges and ideas. Stagnation kills, and fighting the same people every week can get you in bad habits.
I need to start working out more... not weights and gym, but agility/footwork drills and pell. The agility drills help my footwork, but they are also what keeps my knees from sucking, and I am starting to feel that. I will have to figure out how and where to do them inside, as winter is pretty much here, and see what i can do about a pell in the basement.
Getting to events has been challenging. I was hoping to do Hundred Minutes, but I'm not sure if that will happen. It's 7 hours one way and $150 in gas, and I am not sure I can pull that off. Still contemplating, so we will see. I am going to ponder the events map on East Kingdom Gazette and see what I can pull together over the coming months.

I'm not going to make any grand promises about the things I am going to do to get off this plateau... I recognize that first I need to get out of the funk I am in. I will take steps to do that, and move forward. But I will, rest assured, be doing SOMETHING.

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