Monday, March 25, 2013

QOC mystery solved.

I had my friend Gunvar pick up the scroll for my Queen's Order of Courtesy this weekend at Mudthaw this weekend, and the text of the scroll solved they mystery of how the award came about...
A couple of years ago, Duke Thorvaldr from Drachenwals mentioned on the Armour Archive that he wanted to fight in the Warriors of History Tournament at Pennsic, but it would cost too much to carry all his gear on the flight from Germany. I offered to be his courier... have his gear shipped to me in NY, and I would transport it to Pennsic and get it to the Drachenwald encampment. He agreed, and much fun was had at WoH.
He must have mentioned this to my Royals, because this incident was specifically mentioned on the scroll.
An added cool factor... I was originally slated to get the award soon after my wife got her Silver Crescent. The same scribe did both scrolls... and did them to match! I cannot wait to have them on the wall next to each other. It feels good to know why I got the award.... I know it sounds silly, but in the back of my mind, it still felt like some sort of mixup or mis-communication that resulted in me getting it.

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